Universal Design for Web Applications

Web Applications that Reach Everyone. By Wendy Chisholm and Matt May.


Cover: Universal Design for Web Applications

Universal Design for Web Applications

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Here is what people are saying:

  • Accessify (January 2009) — “I can definitely see my copy being lent to various colleagues in the coming months as I try to get them up to speed with modern web development techniques and how they relate to the world of accessibility.”
  • Steve Lee (February 2009) — “Buy a copy for all your collegues and friends and then no one will have an excuse for not having good accessibility.”
  • On slashdot (April 2009)
    — “Two decades ago, Web usage was limited to a single individual (Sir Tim Berners-Lee) using the only browser in existence (WorldWideWeb) running on a single platform (a NeXT Computer). Nowadays, billions of people access the Web daily, with the ability to choose from over a dozen browsers running on desktop computers, laptops, and a variety of mobile devices, such as cell phones. The number of possible combinations is growing rapidly, and makes it increasingly difficult for Web designers and developers to craft their sites so as to be universally accessible. This is particularly true when accounting for Web users with physical and cognitive disabilities — especially if they do not have access to assistive technologies. The challenges and solutions for anyone creating an accessible website are addressed in Universal Design for Web Applications, authored by Wendy Chisholm and Matt May.”